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Each day at Sacred Heart begins in prayer. Our students focus themselves with the Lord before the academic work begins. Prayer and faith is incorporated into all we do at Sacred Heart. Students in various grade levels are immersed in learning. Elementary classes are self-contained, while middle school classes rotate between teachers who are experts in their content areas. 

Special Area Classes

All students experience the following special classes throughout the week: 

  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Spanish

Middle School Electives

Once students enter middle school, they have another special class during the day- Elective! Students are able to choose from a variety of electives. Some students opt to choose a year-long elective like Broadcast (Morning News) or Yearbook. Others choose to have a rotating elective, with a new class each trimester. No matter what students choose, their skills are honed in and their lives are enriched during the elective. 

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